Commercial Reroof In Warner Robins

Commercial Reroof In Warner Robins
Panoramic View of Reroofing Commercial Job

Metal Roofing System

Metal Roofing System 

Architectural and structural metal panel roof systems typically use aluminum or galvanized steel. commercial applications allow Fairchild Roofing to offer custom panel sizes, profiles, colors and finished coatings. Metal panel roof systems offer long-term weatherability, low maintenance and aesthetic value.
There are several ways to approach metal roofs. After an inspection by the professionals at Fairchild Roofing, a custom recommendation will be provided that is specific to your roofing needs.

Fairchild Roofing installs metal roofing in Warner Robins

EPDM And Single Ply Roofing


Lightweight, synthetic elastomer material used in roofing since the early 1970s. Its resilience, tensile strength, elongation, resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light and ponding water make EPDM a superb roofing material. EPDM membranes are also available in fleece back, which can be installed in hot asphalt or low rise adhesive.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

A modified bitumen roof system is actually a hybrid built-up roof. It has the benefits of the built in redundancy of the build-up roof, as well as the added strength, UV resistance and flexibility of a modified membrane. The membrane consists of an asphalt and polymer blend which allows the asphalt to take on characteristics of the polymer.

Built Up Roof

Built-Up Roofs 

Most buildings with flat or nearly-flat roofs are topped with built-up roofing, consisting of multiple layers of felts, fabrics or mats saturated with bitumen installed rooftop in alternating solid moppings of hot bitumen (asphalt or coal tar) or cold adhesives.

Restaurant Roofs

Restaurant Roof Installer

Restaurant roofs have unique requirements, due to the high volume of grease and animal fats that can build up from rooftop ventilators. Fairchild Roofing is experienced in providing new and existing restaurants with high-quality long lasting results. We use specific membrane systems that offer incredible resistance to heat, water, wind, chemicals and grease. In fact, fatty buildups can be cleaned from the membrane using ordinary soap and water.

Roofing Repairs

We Repair Roofs

Have a problem with your roof? Give us a call.
Delaying roofing repairs can increase the likelihood of greater damage and more costly repairs. If you suspect problems with your roof, give the experts at Fairchild Roofing a call today. We can provide a thorough inspection and a free estimate.

Dr. Lola Rosenbaum Testimonial

“They did an excellent job. They protected all of our landscaping. The work was done as promised and completed on time. We were very happy.”   -- Dr. Lola Rosenbaum